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We have driven down the cost of servicing a Mercedes-Benz by offering year round savings against dealership servicing and maintenance prices.

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MB Nottingham doesn't offer fancy short term deals, vouchers or coupons - we offer transparent discounts available to everyone, 365 days a year.

You pay only 50% of the price of labour costs you’d pay at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mercedes-Benz standards at “Officially Lower Rates” because we're independent.

And your Mercedes-Benz warranty is unaffected, givng you peace of mind and great savings!

We don't cut corners - only costs. So why pay dealership prices?

When we service your Mercedes-Benz, its 100% attention to detail, we use only:

  • 100% Mercedes-Benz genuine parts, covered by a 2 year warranty including labour
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz equipment and diagnostics
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz service schedules and repair times
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Reports, records officially documented
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz trained technicians
  • 100% Mercedes-Benz specified fully synthetic Mobil Oil*

*During assembly, Mercedes-Benz use Mobil oil, so we do the same. Surprisingly, your local dealer doesn't....


What our customers say...

I enjoyed the tour of the workshop  escorted by Mr. Steve Raynor  while work was being carried out on my vehicle.The service was excellent  and I will be using this facility again.

Mr Cope

Thank you for proving me right in my decision to get your second opinion against the MB Dealership who wanted £4500 of my money. 2hrs later and your team had found 2 faults on my AMG thus avoiding me having to spend out on a new catalytic converter

Mr Hamilton

Pick up service is a big help and I know I can trust Pepe with my car. Many thanks.

Mr Brzoskowski

Used MB several times now and have been happy with the work done.

Mr Johnson

You really do provide exceptional customer service. It is one of the reasons I would buy another Mercedes Benz. All the staff are welcoming  helpful and knowledgeable.

Mr and Mrs Goodliffe